August 16 - 26, 2018


Schloss Weikersheim

97990  Weikersheim


Applications end:

May 31

Course Content:

Technique and Style

Artist’s Personality Profile

Performance Training

Career Advice

I have learned how I process constant criticism...
Aoife Gibney, Soprano

Absolut empfehlenswert für jeden Sänger, der am Anfang der Karriere steht
Jana Baumeister, Soprano

Ich habe neuen input bekommen: wie ich mit Sängern arbeiten soll...
Jihye Ha, Pianistin

I’ve found Mut and Sicherheit to turn a corner in many aspects of my „singer self"
Emma Moore, Soprano

Man kommt an seine persönlichen Grenzen, die einen aber umso mehr weiterbringen...
Marie Seidler, Mezzosoprano

Ich verlasse Weikersheim mit vielen neuen Ideen und Anregungen...
Lukas Rommelspacher, Pianist

The courage to let go of control led to truly incredible progress
Alexander York, Baritone

Vous avez créé des conditions de travail uniques
Andrea Cueva Molnar, Soprano

You found the right „formula“ in your Laboratory and it works big for me!
Ruzan Mantashyan, Sopran

This experience has changed my way of singing, of thinking...
Adriana Gonzalez, Soprano

The energy of Fausto and Umberto opened a way of thinking...
Daan Boertien, pianist

J’ai adoré le team teaching...
Benjamin Laurent, pianist

...the Graal of Belcanto....
Lussine Levoni, Soprano

Sono arrivato con molte domande ma torno a casa con tante risposte...
Roberto Brandolisio, pianist

Thanks for everything, it was a great experience...
Oleksiy Palchykov, Tenor

This was the best stage I ever did.
Alix Le Saux, Mezzosoprano

Those days with you will accompany me through all my lifetime...
Gurgen Baveyan, Baritone

...eine lange Woche, die meine Erwartungen in allem übertroffen hat...
Karola Pavone, Soprano

Private Lessons Team-Teaching Group Coaching Final Concert in Frankfurt


Hedwig Fassbender, Frankfurt - Style of German Repertoire, Vocal Technique

Fausto Nardi, Firenze - Style of Mozart und Baroque, Aria and Recitative Coaching

René Massis, Paris - Style of French Repertoire, Career Advising

Umberto Finazzi, Milano - Style of Italian Belcanto, Techniques of Piano-Accompaniment for pianists

Anette Berg, Köln - Mental and Performance Training

Rebecca Meitlis, London - Feldenkrais

Susanne Hubrich, München – Style of Concert- and Audition-Outfits

Julia Kindsmüller, München - Makeup and Hairstyle


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